Geometric Beauty Shooting

Geometric Beauty Shooting seen in
Hair Concept: Gaja Curletto #francocurletto #alwaysahead
Make up: @jamesmichaelbutterfield 
Photo: @alessandro.vasapolli 
Model: Tatiana for @majormodelsmilan 

Shooting Elle

Hairstylist: Fabio Sidoli 

Model: Matilda Lutz

Nata con la camicia (visto su Vanity Fair)

Hairstylist: Gaja Curletto e Matteo Peretti

Photo by Simone Falcetta

La Cena di Natale (visto su Vanity Fair)

Laura Chiatti, Riccardo Scamarcio, Michele Placido, Maria Pia Calzone: dopo "Io Che Amo Solo Te" tornano al cinema le risate e le furie dei personaggi creati da Luca Bianchini, di nuovo insieme a Polignano a mare per "La cena di Natale", in sala dal 24 novembre 2016. I protagonisti saranno ancora più agitati del solito: tra isterismi, introvabili capitoni, test di gravidanza, ansiolitici, ascensori bloccati, anelli scomparsi, ritrovamenti e colpi di scena, ne succederanno davvero di tutti i colori.

Hairstylist: Franco Curletto

Photo by: Tony Kelly


"Notte in Villa" - The Neon Demon di Nicolas Winding Refn

Diciotto giovani attrici italiane, un regista internazionale, un servizio di moda che è un film. Creato e diretto da Nicolas Winding Refn , per la cover di Vanity Fair Italia (settembre 2016).

Hairstylists: Franco Curletto, Gaja Curletto, Fabio Sidoli, Matteo Peretti.

Fotografia: Natasha Braier
Production Design: Joseph Bennett
Art Direction: Devin Pedzwater 
Styling: Barbara Barreves e Gemma Mascagni
Attrici: @DaphneScoccia @svevaalviti@valeriabilello @martagastini@vittoriapuccinioriginal @SaraSerraiocco@matildegioli @maridimartino @teafalco_aetoclaf @giuliaelettrago@valeromani 

@simonatabasco@matildadeangelis @catrinelmarlon@lamastronardi @mirimeo@margarethmade @valeriasolarino

Beauty Editorial

Photo: Alessandro Vasapolli

Hairstylist: Franco Curletto 


Colors Edge, visto su Vogue (maggio 2016)

COLORS EDGE ‪‎visto su Vogue Italia 

Hairstylist: Franco Curletto

Photo: Michael Baumgartenmic

Model: Sabina Lobova styled by Elisa Zaccanti
MakeUp Artist: Karin Westerlund
Nails: Hiro Paris

The New You, Glamour Italia (maggio 2016)

Ritratto della modella Katrin Works su Glamour Italia, diretto da Cristina Lucchini fashion editor Simone Guidarelli.

Hairstylist: Franco Curletto

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel

Make up Artist:  Silvia Dell'Orto

The Renaissance Beauty comes back to life in High Fashion

Cristiana Capotondi on the cover of Seven plays the role of Dama del Pollaiolo (Photo by Maki Galimberti). A photo shooting anticipates at the Triennale the exhibition "Le dame dei Pollaiolo." The four paintings will be reunited for the first time in Milan (from 7 November 2014 to 16 February 2015).


Hair Stylist: Fabio Franco Sidoli for Curletto

Make up: Simone Belli

Red Couture (seen on Vogue)

On Vogue of July 2014 , the shooting "Red Couture" (Hair Stylist Franco Curletto, photos by Pierpaolo Ferrari, text by Susan Macchia).  "Color of choice: the red. Because it disconnect, stand out and enhances the fluidity of coiffage. A nuance of research that lends itself to different soft or intense variations " - Franco Curletto.


Hair Stylist: Franco Curletto 

Photo: Pierpaolo Ferrari

Text: Susanna Macchia


Contemporary idols (seen on Glamour)

Editorial for Glamour magazine 04/2014

Fashion Editor: Valentina Di Pinto

Model: Sibui Ag. Next Models

Hair: Franco Curletto

Make up: Silvia Dell'orto Ag. Face to Face

Assistant: Erika Meyer

Pop Sun (Seen on Vogue Italy)

In the photos of Miles Aldridge, Eniko Mihalik wearing a bathing suit that emphasizes curves accompanied by catchy accessories, designed by the designer Cathy Kasterine. The bronzed model of bombshell swimsuit attracts the eyes on this story of beauty told in the number of Italian Vogue in output in May. Eniko shines with the sun-kissed skin, makeup by Lloyd Simmonds and ultra shiny hair edited by Franco Curletto. Manicure Adam Slee @ Streeters. (May 2012)

Chromo thriller (seen on Vogue )

Saturated colors and intense and seductive forms trigger suspense and emotions from the noire film . (March 2012)

Shooting Salon (seen on Vanity Fair)

Small gestures, sophisticated hairstyles , hot and passionate colors in Salon trasformed into a photographic set. (March 2012)

Colormania (seen on Vogue)

Basic lines and monochromatic shades remember precarious objects between design and Minimal Art.

Colors Design

Art, form and function come together in colors and shapes inspired by famous designer pieces.


Rebels asymmetries and androgynous cuts for a punk review in a contemporary way.

Shining Color

Sparkling colors light up on soft hairstyles, sinuous and slightly irregular. 


Emotions sculpted in hair modeled as plastic.

X-Tenso (seen on Vogue )

Natural lights and jagged profile for a dynamic hair that comes from the University of the road.

Urban chic punk (seen on Vogue)

Rebel lines and colors inspired by transgressive multicolored ridges of street punk.

Shape & Shine (seen on Vogue)

The volume condenses itself into a material expression to enhance and shape the color.

Hair Odyssey (seen on Vogue)

Futuristic hairstyles and glacial colors immersed in a cyber world.

Up Color's (seen on Vogue)

Calibrate color shades enhance and draw small details.

Light&Shine (seen on Vogue )

Lines and trends of Swinging London translated into a tribute to the Optical Art.

Bollywood (seen on Vogue)

Sophisticated hairstyles with Mughal taste in Western tone.

Technicolor on the edge (seen on Vogue)

Primary colors and geometric profiles for pictorial interpretation of the hair.