Chestnut season: is it true that hair falls out?

Let’s immediately dispel a myth: there is no correlation between chestnuts and hair! The expression “chestnut season” simply refers to autumn, the season in which hair loss is raging. The causes can be various, from stress to nutrition, and the problem tends to be resolved using natural remedies, ad hoc treatments and dermatological treatments!


Autumn hair loss: duration and triggers

Hair loss in autumn, which can last for an average of 100 days, is physiological and seasonal. It can attributed to factors such as fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances; therefore with the right dose of supplements and / or a targeted product it is possible to overcome the problem.

Other possible causes should not be underestimated: such as the damage caused by the wind, salt and summer sun that will have made the hair more fragile. Not to mention that, with the first colds, these are subject to weakening due to a lack of immune defenses or problems in the microcirculation. Nothing that cannot be solved with a specific product, to be taken or used only after having contacted specialists in the sector such as the professionals of the Franco Curletto Salon.

However, if the hair loss continues after the change of season, it will be necessary to turn to specialists for a trichological treatment.


Remedies for autumn hair loss

For Autumn hair loss, there are some expert tips to follow to stop or, at least, stem the damage. Here are 4 remedies:

  1. Change your diet. Foods rich in fatty acids such as coconut oil, salmon, avocado or almonds, and a balanced diet, are natural allies to healthy hair;
  2. A new cut will restore strength, shape and vigor (and therefore limit the fall) to hair, which has become dull, weakened and brittle after the summer season;
  3. Use a product, such as a strengthening shampoo, to promote hair growth;
  4. A restructuring mask should be used twice a week. The conditioner, on the other hand, helps to nourish the hair in depth, protecting it from environmental stress and remedying summer damage. However, it is better not to exceed the quantities as they could weigh down the hair and grease it.

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