Gathered hair for a Diva hairstyle

How to feel like a Diva and obtain a “wow effect” in simple steps? Make way for hairstyles with gathered hair! Braid, chignon, ponytail and much more: a simple, not too elaborate look,  but at the same time elegant and perfect for every day or for big occasions.

So, what are the most beautiful gathered hairstyles from which to take inspiration to create your own look?

Passe-partout hairstyles: simple and elegant

Simplicity often pays off. So why not choosing simple but elegant hairstyles to feel on top of all circumstances? Gathered hair is an effective solution for those with long hair that struggle to manage or simply want to play with their hair style.

Here are some of the gathered hairstyles we liked the most!

High or low bun?

Go for the high chignon if you want a sophisticated result that gives you a jaunty air, especially if “accompanied” by thick bangs. For those who, on the other hand, want to show a more “sober” appearance, it is better to heighten their look with a low bun; particularly, on occasions such as vernissages, exhibitions, classical music concerts, theatre performances and inaugurations.

And, then, there is the messy chignon, that is the latest trend for having a “disheveled” but tidy hairstyle look. It doesn’t take much to make it happen: you have to gather your hair in a high ponytail, tight it with an elastic, wrap it around itself and secure it with some hairpins. It is one of the most popular hairstyles even among movie stars, who wear it both for going for a run in the park and on glamorous evenings!

High chignon with braid

And what about a stunning effect? Here, we recommend combining the high chignon with the braid, then embellishing everything with a ribbon for a chic touch.

Do you want to know more about hairstyles and how to gather your hair to have a real Diva look? Visit Franco Curletto salon, make yourself comfortable and let our professional hair stylists take care of you!