Trendy hair for autumn-winter 2020

What’s the trend in hairstyles for this fall-winter 2020? Let’s  briefly overview haircuts, colors and hairstyles for the new season with the hair stylists of Franco Curletto salon. Green light to a natural look through the “fluffy” effect of a back-combed half-up hairstyle to give more volume. And to achieve an eccentric look, plenty of room for strong multi-tone colors such as cobalt blue, red and orange, which will help to overcome the dullness of the cold season. Finally, do not forget the the sweet mesh techniques to lighten hair in an ultra natural way.


Haircut: the triumph of the bob

For autumn-winter 2020, asymmetrical and geometric cuts are back, with long or short fringes, if you have very long hair. The bob (also known as carré or bob) will be the haircut that will dominate the hairstyle scene in the coming months. Medium smooth, medium scaled, curly or wavy: practical and functional, it is a haircut that comes in many variations.

  • With longer front and slightly curved tips (a-line bob);
  • With a shave at the base of the neck and a much longer front (buzz cut-bob);
  • With identical lengths both in the front and in the back (chin-length bob);
  • With the front part slightly shorter than the back and the nape (inverted bob);
  • With layered shaves to give movement (shaggy bob);
  • With a very short bob (shingle bob);
  • With a length that reaches mid-shoulders (shoulder-length bob or long bob).

Mocha brown and black: cool colors that never tire

Mocha brown and black are the cool, ever popular colors, the shades that never fade, so much so that they are still sported today by top models on the catwalks. In fact, the colors adapt perfectly to the cold autumn-winter climate, giving the face a new light and hightening cuts and hairstyles of all kinds.

Fall-winter 2020 hairstyles: creativity and elegance

The hairstyles for autumn-winter 2020 are an expression of creativity and elegance. At the forefront is the ponytail, which can be low, high or teased and will always be an elengant hairstyle. Along the lines also braids and chignons, perhaps aiming at a tangled disheveled effect or a softer weave resting on one shoulder for a more elegant touch. Finally, the headscarf (or headband), to be arranged as you prefer, to always have a neat and creative look.

For more advice on cuts, colors and hairstyles for this autumn-winter, visit Franco Curletto beauty salon!