Beauty treatments offered by Curletto salons in Turin and Milan

Traditional beauty treatments, technology and bioenergetic therapy for face and body

Curletto not only takes care of hair but also beauty down to the smallest detail – from top to toe. Salon staff in Turin and Milan target areas of concern using various techniques, ensuring the clients’ wellness and overall sense of harmony.

More than just beauticians, they are experts who can make in-depth diagnoses of your skin condition, perform beneficial treatments to alleviate stress-related issues and strengthen body and immune defences.

Facial skin check-up

At Franco Curletto beauty salons, clients can make a reservation completely free of charge for a facial skin check-up, aimed at analysing the skins level of hydration, elasticity, ageing and trophism. The first step in resolving an issue is to perform a detailed analysis.


Nail art is a beauty trend that’s here to stay. Well-shaped nails with impeccably applied nail polish add to creating flawless hands – a sophisticated business card that represents the whole person.


A pedicure is not just a beauty treatment – it’s a form of therapy for your entire body. Starting with ‘bendage’ – a technique that relaxes the legs – followed by ‘energy feet’ – a massage using argan oil – and finishing with ‘natural coach’ which is an approach based on plantar reflexology.

Types of massage offered at Curletto Salons

  • Draining (Duration 1h)
  • Circulatory Massage (Duration 1h)
  • Catabolic Modelling Massage (Duration 1h)
  • Muscle Rebalancing (Duration 1h)
  • Aroma Blend Firm (Duration 1h)
  • Aroma Blend Slim (Duration 1h)
  • Aroma Blend Abdomen or Legs (Duration 1h)
  • Benefit Back (Duration 40min)
  • Breast Treatment: Toning, Firming, Moisturising (Duration 1h)
  • Back Cleanse (Duration 1h)

Anti-ageing face correctives: Specialist Constructors

Corrective Anti-Ageing Face treatments use products with special properties that have specific beneficial effects. From Golden Aureo made with 24 CARAT GOLD CYCLOIDAL with restructuring properties, to Silicon that uses the mineral of the same name to restore the skins’ firmness, and finally a really indulgent beauty treatment with Rose Quartz, and many others.

Face: essential oils

The facial Essential Oils used in Franco Curletto’s salons are 100% paraben and silicone free. Depending on the type of oil used, it can produce a moisturising, purifying, nourishing, soothing or even just pleasantly aromatic feeling for younger skins.

Classic or permanent hair removal

Having perfectly smooth skin that lasts gives you freedom to wear what you want without having to waste time. There’s also the option to choose a permanent solution with diode laser treatments.