A beard with standout style

More than just a beard

If you think a quick shave is enough to perfectly frame your face, you’ve never tried the exclusive treatment available at Franco Curletto’s salons.

People nowadays are paying close attention to the upkeep of beards, a uniquely masculine feature with the power to re-proportion the face and add harmony to even the most prominent features. In much the same way, a well-defined beard can be powerfully alluring on the most delicate face, even if it’s just starting to grow.

Beard styling is more complex than people think. In order to produce a result that makes a difference there are important steps to take before cutting: the skin must be properly hydrated and hair growth needs to be stimulated to get a uniform beard without gaps. This calls for a pleasant treatment with antioxidant properties using Serra & Fonseca products.

Clients can enjoy an overall feeling of wellness thanks to essential oils. At Franco Curletto’s salons in Turin and Milan, beard grooming is treated as genuine beauty ritual with cleansing and relaxing properties. It’s become a multisensory experience that’s tactile and stimulates your sense of smell.

Beard Talks

Beard Talks / BeABeard is the first event dedicated to beard culture, born from an idea by Giovanna Zucconi and a collaboration with Dlui, the men’s magazine of La Repubblica. Portraits of bearded celebrities by the artist Giovanni Gastel have enhanced and added an extra dimension to the conference. The shots manage to portray the relationship between man, his face and the ‘beard touchpoint’ in an original and light-hearted way.

Every discussion – marking each phase of the event – between the photographer and hairstylist Franco Curletto was introduced with historical facts about beards by anthropologist Marino Niola. The stage also featured actor Massimo Ghini, the writer of Paolo di Paolo and actresses Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi, who is now an entrepreneur in the digital field. Beard Talks 5 was also an ideal opportunity to present “Barba”, the book by costume designer and stylist Giovanni Ciacci.