Traditional Beauty

Traditional beauty treatments

Franco Curletto believes in taking care of yourself to achieve Beauty.

Beauty is more than just make-up or nail art. It’s a way of becoming the best version of yourself through experimentation and imagination.

When you can successfully reflect who you are, rediscover your nurtured self and best express your personality and style, it as a balm for the soul.


Being passionate about make-up doesn’t mean you use it to try to change your facial features. It’s all about enhancing them and finding the right balance between experimentation and elegance.

Hair Removal

Not all hair removal treatments are the same. Franco Curletto beauty treatments aim to achieve a flawless result that lasts. Beauticians based in the Turin salon are also specialised in diode laser hair removal that offers permanent results.

Nail Art

Nail artists who work in Franco Curletto salons put your hands and feet first, placing your nails in the spotlight. Through shaping and flawless decoration, your nails will become an integral part of your ensemble.

Classic Massage

  • Draining
  • Circulatory Massage
  • Catabolic Modelling Massage
  • Muscle Rebalancing
  • Aroma Blend Firm
  • Aroma Blend Slim
  • Aroma Blend Abdomen or Legs
  • Benefit Back
  • Breast Treatment: Toning, Firming, Moisturising
  • Back Cleanse

Corrective Body Massages

Shape Algoaroma

A treatment that redesigns and sculpts the silhouette. Available in Milan and Turin.

Sculpting Active Oxygen Treatment

It works both on the surface of the skin and deeper tissue, improving signs of bulging and cellulite. Available in Milan and Turin

Dead Sea Mud

Rich in minerals and elements, it produces a detoxifying and purifying effect. It promotes skin renewal and combats cellulite. Available in Milan and Turin

Chrono Draining and Reduction

Relaxes the legs and streamlines the silhouette. Available in Milan and Turin.

Bendage Arosha

Rich in active agents and paraben-free, this massage also offers slimming properties. Available in Milan and Turin