Beauty Technology

Beauty technology treatments

Attaining beauty and well-being with the power of tools.

Franco Curletto salons offer beauty treatments using technological devices that are extremely effective at both regenerating facial skin tissue, reducing body imperfections, draining, firming and sculpting the silhouette.

Facial beauty technology

Energic Skin

A regenerating cellular treatment that nourishes with magnesium and amino acids. Guaranteed anti-ageing results. Available in Milan and Turin.


A toning treatment that uses a bipolar massager to stimulate skin tissue. Available in Milan and Turin.

Intraceutical Oxygen

A moisturising and toning treatment using vaporised hyperbaric oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Available in Milan and Turin.


Ultrasonic treatment that uses galvanic currents, available with a variety of intensities depending on skin type. Available in Milan and Turin.

Eye Break Expert

Get fresh and rested eyes with an eye massage using a high-tech mask. Available in Turin.


An infusion of active ingredients that penetrates 0.2 to 1 centimetre deep into the skin tissue. Anti-ageing and revitalising therapy. Available in Milan and Turin.

Cosmetic technology for the body


Skin stimulation using a device that releases active ingredients directly into the subcutaneous layer. Available in Milan and Turin.


Draining treatment to counteract swelling and stimulate the lymphatic and venous system. Available in Milan and Turin.