Analysis, innovative technique and flair: this is the Franco Curletto hair styling formula that is constantly evolving

An intriguing use of volume and lines which always places facial harmony first.

Franco Curletto’s salon creates hairstyles that are original and, most importantly, unique. Each Franco Curletto creation begins with a hair diagnosis and careful consideration of the ideal cut based on the facial structure of the client.

The cutting-edge technique used by the staff is always one step ahead. The stylists based in the Turin and Milan salons pay close attention to facial features which become the main source of inspiration for the haircut. In fact, there aren’t any haircut catalogues available for men, women or children in any Franco Curletto salon.

Personalised advice and exclusive drying without using a hair dryer – in order to hydrate the hair and reduce frizz – are combined with the use of expert techniques such as:

  • Roll&Rock: “permanent effect” for hair that isn’t afraid to roar;
  • Gloss: toner that illuminates hair and makes it shiny;
  • Splash: full shatush;
  • White bleaching: sophisticated bleaching;
  • Fundamental Highlights: drops of sunshine that give your hair a touch of summer glow;
  • Quick lights: hair lightening with straighteners, starting with a natural base;
  • Natural Straight: keratin straightening for silky hair;
  • Frizz: anti-frizz keratin treatment for added discipline;
  • Finger Shape: special thimble used to separate locks for flawless colouring;
  • Rootshadow: natural lightening with a super glamorous finish.

Precision and imagination come together to produce the final result: a coveted haircut that’s lightweight and full of personality.