The Collections Franco Curletto


Colours and shapes: Franco Curletto’s unique collections, searching for perfect harmony and exploring social issues.

Genesis in space

Genesis in space is an artistic project crafted by Giovanni Gastel. It aims to tell the story of alien creatures through portraits, with hair styling and make-up designed by Franco Curletto.


A collection born from the collaboration with Intercos Group, an important cosmetic production and research company, shots are by Giovanni Gastel.

Comic Woman

Fantasy and reality are merged and expressed through photographs featuring futuristic-looking women, with towering hairstyles and striking colours. Comic Women by Franco Curletto are brave creatures from hyperspace ready to fight against the laws of gravity.


The allure of the unknown. Ethnic documents a journey to faraway lands, remote continents full of unspoiled, raw and authentic beauty. Exotic themes are captured in every photo, portraying the subtle balance between unknown lands and the Western world.


A critique of economic and social conditions in modern society. The women photographed are white skinned but painted black. The most important chromatic element is the white hair of the models, which deliberately contrasts against the dark skin.

Inspired Edward Curtis

This collection is entirely inspired by Edward Curtis, a 20th century photographer who photographed over 11,000 Native Americans in the space of two decades. Curletto’s hair design evokes the styling techniques used by Native Americans. Simple, yet also sophisticated, the impressive hairstyles are created with just a few simple steps.

Inspired Tolkien

These photographs capture fantasy worlds that only exist in the mind of the person imagining them. Orcs, warriors and princesses feature as fantastical creatures in this timeless collection, in which the boundary between the real and the imagined becomes blurred and imperceptible.

New Punk

New Punk is a collection that erodes, disturbs and breaks down the boundaries of everything predefined. Evocative of the values expressed by the Punk movement in the ’70s, the shots consist of models with an aggressive appearance, thanks to standout hairstyles.

Colors Edge

Photographer: Michael Baumgartenmic.

Vogue Italy, May 2016.

Beauty Editorial

Photographer: Alessandro Vasapolli.

Hairstylist: Franco Curletto.

Red Couture

“Colour of choice: red. Because it’s imposing and stands out, and makes a hairstyle more fluid. A sought-after colour that lends itself to soft or vibrant shades” – Franco Curletto.

Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Vogue, July 2014.

Modern Idols

Glamour, April 2014.

Pop Sun

Curve-enhancing swimsuits accompanied by eye-catching accessories tell a tale of beauty in the May 2012 issue of Vogue Italia.

Photographer: Miles Aldridge.

Vogue Italy, May 2012.

Chromo Thriller

Saturated, intense colours and seductive shapes trigger suspense and film noir emotions.

Photographer: Miles Aldridge.

Vogue, March 2012.


Simple lines and monochrome shades evoke objects poised between design and minimal art.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.

Colors Design

Art, form and functionality come together in a mix colours and shapes inspired by famous design pieces.


Rebellious asymmetries and androgynous cuts for a modern take on punk.

Shining Color

Bright colours illuminate soft, sinuous and subtly dishevelled hair.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.


Emotions carved into hair and shaped as if made of plastic.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.


Natural light and jagged edges create dynamic hairstyles that originate from the university of the open road.

Urban Chic Punk

Rebellious lines and transgressive colours inspired by the multicoloured spikes of street punk.

Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Shape & Shine

Volume is compacted and embellished with shape and colour.

Photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Hair Odyssey

Futuristic hairstyles and glacial colours immersed in a cybernetic world.

Photographer: Paolo Zambaldi.

Up Color’s

Calibrated chromatic nuances enhance and outline small details.

Light & Shine

Lines and trends from London’s Swinging Sixties are translated in this tribute to Optical Art.


Sophisticated hairstyles with moghul flavours revisited in a western key.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.

Technicolor On The Edge

Primary colours and geometric shapes create a pictorial interpretation of hair.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.

Geometric Beauty Shooting

Hair concept: Gaja Curletto.

Photographer: Alessandro Vasapolli.

Shooting Salon

Small gestures, sophisticated hairstyles, warm and passionate colours of the salon transformed into a photographic set.

Vanity Fair.

The New You

Portrait of the model Katrin Works on the issue of Glamour Italia published in May 2016, directed by Cristina Lucchini; fashion editor Simone Guidarelli.

Photographer: Giovanni Gastel.