Hair tools patented by Franco Curletto

Patents by Curletto

Franco is a hairstylist who successfully combines passion and technical skill with a critical approach. A visionary hairstylist who is dedicated to using technology in the service of beauty.

For a hairstylist to make a difference they need to be critical of modern trends, as well as technological innovation. Franco Curletto uses technological devices that are simple to use, so clients can achieve professional results with a few simple steps.

Good hairstylists pay attention to detail, and pay extra attention to every stage of the process from washing, drying and colouring. A result of research and experimentation, these patented hair tools are ideal to give hair shape and enhance facial features with the subtle use of line, volume and colour.

For this reason, the products have been recognised for their excellence and are renowned for their cutting-edge styling capabilities, allowing you to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.


This ergonomic tool uniquely encompasses both a razor and comb, so you can comb your way to perfection! Easy to use, it is versatile to suit every haircut and invaluable when it comes to cutting curly or wavy hair. A small tool that makes a big difference.


Color Up

The ideal Hair Colour Detection System. Combining the colour of the skin and the eyes, the software is able to pinpoint the perfect hair colour and suitable products.


Turn & Twist

It may sound like a Disney-inspired tool, but the wooden Turn & Twist with its three teeth is the perfect tool to add real volume to hair, enhancing every strand to create bouncy and defined curls.


Finger Shape

This truly is make-up for hair. The thimble acts as an extension of your finger with which you can easily separate the strands of your hair to apply colour in hard-to-reach places.


Moving Up

The next best thing since the hairdryer. Thanks to polyester gloves your hair will dry quickly without any thermal damage. Plus, massaging the roots stimulates oxygen to the scalp.


Coat Rack

In Franco Curletto salons in Turin and Milan you can find an innovative coat rack with an anti-theft alarm designed for the customer so that they can safely leave their personal belongings.