More than just hair styling!

Curletto and art events

Franco Curletto’s style has also featured in numerous art events. The hairstylists’ creations have played a leading role in showrooms, exhibitions, photography galleries and performances.


Artissima is the International Fair of Contemporary Art that takes place every year in Turin and remains an important date for lovers of the art world. The 2019 edition focused its attention on HEAD, an innovative project set in a pop-inspired room, animated by bright colours and iconic references to the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s.

This space was the setting for an unconventional performance by Tomaso Binga – who goes by the stage name of Bianca Pucciarelli – with hair design created and executed by Franco Curletto and his team. The result was a performance that bridged experimentation, beauty and nonconformity – in true Franco Curletto style.

Star & Design

Studio65 is an architecture and interior design studio made up of designers with a humorous and playful spirit. They work to create everyday home accessories which subsequently become coveted objects and feature during certain art events.

“Il Mercante di Nuvole.Studio65: cinquant’anni di futuro” was an international design exhibition held between late 2015 and early 2016, in which a performance took place called “Star & Design – Divi per un giorno”. Daniele Ratti collaborated on the project as a photographer and Franco Curletto’s team provided the hair and make-up. The photo shoot captured selected people immortalised on a sofa with a witty and sensual aesthetic called ‘Bocca’. The shots were taken with the objective of capturing a well-defined style, which was helped by the use of specific make-up and hair.

Beard Talks

It’s not ‘just a beard’ if it can re-proportion and define your face in a three-dimensional way. This is the premise of “Beard Talks” – a series of theoretical and practical discussions that taken place for five editions. Considered a symbol of hipster culture for some time, the beard has an ancient and noble history with links to tradition, politics, art, music and fashion. The beard has become a symbol of cultural discovery and offers a new way of reinterpreting masculinity.

During this event which gave men a platform to explore their relationship with the beard, the L’Oreal Academy exhibited portraits created by Giovanni Gastel  – a photographer with whom Curletto himself tackled the relationship between man and his own face.

Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade is an open-air exhibition. First started in London, it has since made its way to Italy – to Milan to be precise – a place that’s always ready to host events involving a mixture of art, design and fashion. It’s a real urban installation that sees 80 statues of elephant cubs scattered around the city. Franco Curletto took part by designing an elephant to represent himself named “Curl”. The name evokes the surname of the hairstylist but also a “curl” – an enduring symbol of seduction.

Pasta head

Food is a meeting point between different cultures, as well as a clear expression of territorial tradition. “Mediterraneo” is a live performance set in the spaces of Expo Milano Boffi Solferino. Chef Fabio Pisani – owner of the restaurant “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” in Milan – offered raw materials of exceptionally high-quality to his guests. It was food that nourished the body and soul, offering a true multisensory experience and expressing the best of what Italy has to offer. The concept of “Pasta head” created by Franco Curletto was developed step-by-step during the Live Performance in the Showroom and involved creating unusual hairstyles that resembled various types of pasta.

Performance with Vanessa Beercroft

Franco Curletto has also collaborated with Vanessa Beecroft, an internationally renowned artist specialising in performance art. The central characters of her provocative performances are women represented as real living objects, devoid of any individuality. It is no coincidence that the hairstyles of each model are the same, each one identical to the other.

Beard’s: The Dark Side of Beauty

Beard’s was a live performance held during the exhibition “The Dark Side of Beauty”, aimed at showing the lesser known side of beauty that isn’t represented in the mass media. Franco Curletto managed the hair and beard styling of the models in the exhibition that was part of Paratissima – a famous contemporary art event that takes place with the city of Turin as an ideal backdrop. Plus, during Design Week, the Franco Curletto salon was transformed into a real photography gallery, where Beard’s shots were exhibited.

Reggi-Secolo exhibition

Franco Curletto created a new bra for the exhibition Reggi-Secolo, an extremely feminine item of clothing made entirely of hair.