Bioenergetic Beauty

Bioenergetic beauty treatments

Achieve a perfect synergy between body and mind

Treatments that provide therapy for the individual as a whole, including both emotional and energetic dimensions. By the end of each session negative energy is released to make room for serenity and perfect mind and body balance.

Bioenergetic Facial Beauty Treatments

Dien Chan

Vietnamese acupressure is effective, simple and free of negative side effects.  Relaxing the nervous system, it promotes natural bodily functions and provides rebalance, release, detoxification and relaxation to fight stress. Available in Turin.

Hot stone

A relaxing treatment that tones the facial tissues with natural anti-ageing properties. The hot stones are revitalising, beneficial and stimulate microcirculation within the skin. Available in Turin.

Cocoon Massage

  • Queen massage: an Indochinese massage that activates the chakras of your personal and surrounding aura;
  • Touch of Provence: facial treatment and body massage for soft and compact skin using lavender essential oil;
  • Hot Stone massage: toning and relaxing with an anti-ageing effect;
  • Polynesian massage: anti-stress massage that helps to loosen physical and psychological knots. Performed using sandbags, it is also suitable for babies;
  • Pindasweda: massage performed with warm bags which contain a mixture of barely, rice, herbs and salt;
  • Meraviglia Artica: a treatment that plays with hot and cold sensations producing intense relaxation as a result;
  • Bamboo massage: massage carried out with a bamboo cane and vegetable oils. The result is relaxing and energising;
  • Atlantic jewel: marine lithotherapy with energising effects;
  • Indochina: massage with cinnamon, coriander, patchouli, vanilla and cardamom;
  • Turkish Savonage: Aleppo soap massage using a silk glove;
  • Rhassoul Marocco: Clay-based massage with a scrub glove.

Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic plantar reflexology

An ayurvedic massage promotes a feeling of well-being on a psychophysical level, relieving the symptoms of stress. Wonderful massage for people of any age.

Sound massage with tibetan bells

The use of sound provides a feeling of psychophysical and emotional balance, as well as a sense of mental well-being.


A holistic technique that strengthens the mind and body, alleviating the effects of insomnia and boosting the immune system.