Same passione, same objectives: the hairstylist academy The Factory by “I Love Curl”

The concept

Create an exclusive group of hairstylists who speak the same language, use the same tools and share the same beauty objectives: this is the idea that Franco Curletto had when he founded The Factory by “I Love Curl” academy.

Shared values make the The Factory by “I Love Curl” academy a professional network of excellence. Members of the Academy are classified as being part of a team of artists, viewed as having good taste with innovation being central to their work.


Speaking the language of Franco Curletto

Familiarisation with the world of Franco Curletto is the first step. Knowledge of the hair tools along with various techniques make up the fundamentals of becoming a member of the Franco Curletto academy.


Join the Franco Curletto team

Test your knowledge and invest in your training whilst keeping up-to-date with current trends and in-depth practical study.


Learn techniques from The Factory by “I Love Curl”

This requires participation in a practical seminar to enhance technical and artistic skill. Now it’s time to turn knowledge into beauty.

“The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will”

Andy Warhol

An agency for hairstylists

Curletto Style is a pass into the world of hair and beauty.

With The Factory by “I Love Curl” it’s easy to find a good hairstylist with the requisite experience, which makes a difference when it comes to fashion shows, photo shoots, etc.