The Factory

Much more than a course for hairstylists

A training project inspired by the Curletto philosophy

The Factory is not just a course for hairstylists, it also aims to spread the Franco Curletto concept of beauty in Italy and around the world. An ambitious training course with modules that aims to help every participant acquire coveted artistic skills and hair styling techniques.

The Factory welcomes anyone who shares Franco Curletto’s values when it comes to beauty and wishes to foster and represent them in their own salon.

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What is The Factory in three words?

You can describe The Factory with three simple words: Innovation, Selection and Identity.


With the use of exclusive professional tools patented by Franco Curletto, stylish results are guaranteed for both the hairstylist and the client. They set the hairstylist apart and enhance the price list of each salon.


The Factory is taught by selected individuals who can transmit their first-hand experience of the fashion world into a series of lessons. The taught method pays close attention to style, along with teaching rapid and precise execution. It aims to internalise the Franco Curletto philosophy. It’s this quality that makes all the difference to performance in the salon or on the circuit.


Each lesson taught by The Factory instructors aims to inspire and outline the professional identity of the “student”. The team delivering the project carefully contribute to the future development of participants, with one tutor assigned to every five students.

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