Instrumental cosmetics facial treatments in Milan and Turin

Worldwide known hair stylist Franco Curletto offers instrumental cosmetics treatments in his salons in Milan and Turin, aimed at regenerating your facial skin and adding tone and elasticity.

What are the facial rejuvenation techniques?

At Franco Curletto’s salons, in Milan and Turin, you can try various techniques to rejuvenate your face, such as:

  • energic skin, a rejuvenating cell treatment obtained through the nutrient action of amino acids, enriched with other ingredients and magnesium. The anti-age action is 100% sure.
  • Bipolar radiofrequency, which stimulates dermal tissues and makes the skin more tonic.
  • Intraceutical oxygen, that applies pressurized oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid onto the skin for a toning treatment.
  • Brightening, that combines ultrasound and galvanic currents, with variable intensity according to the type of skin on which it is applied.
  • Eye break expert is the treatment offered by the salon in Turin. It consists of an eye massage with a technologic mask to get a fresher and more relaxed look.
  • Eporex is the infusion of active ingredients which penetrate from 0.2 to 1 cm deep in the subcutaneous layer with the help of a specific device. It has a revitalizing effect.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage; pressotherapy helps drain swellings and stimulate the lymphatic and venous system.Nei saloni di Franco Curletto, situati a Milano e Torino, è possibile testare diverse tecniche per ringiovanire il viso, come:

Ultrasonic facial treatments: what are their benefits?

Skin tends to lose its tone over time, because aging is physiological. Intervening soon is an excellent solution to relieve the problem. The ultrasonic facial treatments have become very common in recent years: they are not very invasive and delicately applied on one’s face and neck to remove dead cells and have an efficient cleaning without chemical products.

Furthermore, these treatments are provided with a vibrating spatula which goes deep and takes the active ingredients under the skin. The ultrasound system activates muscle fibres, blood and lymphatic circulation and helps fight wrinkles, bags and other beauty problems.

To learn more about face rejuvenation techniques, the benefits of ultrasonic systems or just to take care of your look with customized treatments, please ask the professional and skilled staff of Franco Curletto salons. Book now your treatment, we are waiting for you in our beauty salons in Milan and Turin. Regenerate and tone up your face and choose the instrumental cosmetics treatments Franco Curletto!