Stimulate the growth of your beard with specific treatments

Beard styling means a specific technique to take care of your beard with specially-made products and treatments: the aim is to stimulate its growth in a few steps.

If you want a perfect frame for your face, you can’t just trim it at home: you have to take care of your face at 360°, choosing the exclusive beard treatment offered by worldwide popular hairstylist Franco Curletto in his salons.

Why you should take care of your beard

Beard is a symbol of masculinity and at the same time helps balance the proportions of one’s face while highlighting its features. A small but styled beard gives a masculine yet elegant allure.

Through specific treatments you can stimulate the growth of your beard and solve a common “problem” for men: bald spots in beard, spots without hair, which have an ugly effect.

Beard styling: what you should do

To achieve good results with beard styling, first of all you have to follow some steps, before trimming it. First, skin must be hydrated and the hair growth stimulated. The beard is therefore uniform and without bald spots.

This step is performed like a ritual in Franco Curletto’s salons, using antioxidant products by Serra & Fonseca. In our salons every beard cut is a true beauty treatment and our clients can enjoy a multi sensorial purifying and relaxing  experience.

Beard culture

The first festival dedicated to beard culture in Italy, “Dialoghi della Barba/BeAbeard”, was conceived by Giovanna Zucconi and Dlui, a magazine for men published by the popular newspaper “La Repubblica”. Through portraits of bearded men, made by artist Giovanni Gastel, it was shown the meeting point between men, their face and the “touchpoint beard” with a touch of irony. The photos in fact describe this moment in an original way.

The dialogues between the photographer and hairstylist Franco Curletto were introduced by anthropologist Marino Niola, who described some historical facts about beards. Actress Cristiana Capotondi, digital entrepreneur Andrea Pezzi, writer Paolo di Paolo and actor Massimo Ghini attended this event. The festival was also the opportunity to launch the book “Barba” (Beard), by costume designer and stylist Giovanni Ciacci.

We can therefore talk about beard culture, which has developed in the course of time and reached its climax in beard styling that aims at creating special beards, specifically studied by professional experts.

Take care of your face. We are waiting for you in our salons to treat your beard with great care and attention to details. Reserve an appointment now!