The Factory: not just a hairstylist course

Inspired by Franco Curletto’s philosophy, The Factory is not just a hairstylist course, but also a customizable and ambitious training project aimed at providing each participant with the newest hairstyling techniques. It is conceived for those who are willing to share beauty and the methods of this worldwide popular hairstylist.

The training Franco Curletto enables each participant to learn artistic and technical hairstyling skills, so that each student is able to offer fashionable services in his/her own hairstylist  salon and stand out in the market.

What is The Factory?

Three words are enough to briefly describe The Factory:

  • Innovation, because this training project includes the use of professional tools directly patented by Franco Curletto;
  • Method, because the training at “The Factory” is entrusted to the tutors of  I Love Curl, selected specialists in this industry who teach their knowhow and experience in the hair fashion world during their classes. This method focuses on the attention to beauty details and quick and precise performances, so that the students endorse Franco Curletto’s philosophy:
  • Identity, because the final target of the trainers at “The Factory” is to inspire and outline the style of the salon, while keeping their professional identity, but with the tools offered by this hairstylist who stands out in the market. The training is carefully provided, every tutor has 5 students, in order to  constantly follow them during the whole course.

How to become a successful hairstylist

The path to become a good hairstylist can be long. Dedication, commitment, efforts and, above all, passion, because it is the “trigger” of resilience, ambition to aim at something bigger and make your dreams come true.

Thanks to “The Factory” this dream can now become true. You can learn the techniques from the “master”, through a customized training course. At the end of the course each  participant will be able to take care of one’s hair , in a creative and nonconformist way.

Conceiving and creating perfect styles, creative and innovative hair concepts: here is the inheritance given to the hairstylists who take part  to the seminars of the project “The Factory” By I Love Curl and learn how to use the cutting-edge tools patented by the master stylist himself.

Contact us for more info about the training project “The Factory” or fill out the participant form. Endorse Franco Curletto’s method!