Top hair colours for winter 2020

Colour up is a software to identify the perfect shade for your hair and the most suitable products to treat it, starting from a combination of skin and eye colour.

Main features:

  • This software provides a Hair Diagnosis Questionnaire and develops a customized treatment at home
  • This software works on a scientific basis, combining skin and eye colour to achieve the perfect hair shade
  • This system detects the customer’s skin colour thanks to its colorimeter and shows it on Von Luschan’s chromatic scale
  • The system shows a selection of eye colours based on the research of two scholars, Martin and Schultz
  • The system develops the perfect shade according to the customer’s taste. Therefore, it is possible to choose a shade in harmony or contrast with one’s skin or eye colour.

Top hair colours for winter 2020

Blond, red and brown: these are the top colours for your hair in winter 2020. The colours of the new year will fire up the cold season with their allure, highlighting uniform colours with natural shades. Tha balayage is the technique to get surprising results from your hairstyle and to stand out with style.

Blond hair dye, for golden hair

From platinum blond to get a cold and icy look to warm butter blond, which combines the sweetest shades of honey and almonds, to ice blond shades. For a strong yet delicate shade here is bronde, a mix of blond and brown, to bring out a glow in your face.

Playing with shapes and shades, you will get the warm heart of shiny blond with some ash shades, like the star Sienna Miller, or with amber shades like actress Kirsten Dunst’s hair.

The glam-chic effect of a blond hair dye is best with silvery skin.

Brown hair dye: the most glamorous shades

The vibrant and shiny brown hair dye is the coolest in winter 2020, with all its shades: from fine chocolate brown, highlighted by delicate matching shades, playing with light and glares, to the more delicate shades of hazelnut and caramel or to the more intense copper tones.

The perfect shade to fire up the cold season and get a glowing face is light chocolate or cocoa brown, with a perfect balance between cold and warm shades. Eventually honey brown or smokey gold are perfect to highlight light and harmonious hair cuts and to enhance the face; ash brunette, the dullest brown shade with ash tones, makes medium-short haircuts or layered wavy bobs  elegant and classy.

Red hair dye: let’s  fire up winter 2020

From the most natural shades to the stronger and more intense copper shades, it is  the red hair dye that will fire up winter 2020. Seen on the catwalk, it is the most suitable colour to get  bright and vibrant hair.

Playing with volumes, lines, shades and tones, the winner is always a harmonious look, that is the main source of inspiration for any haircut at Franco Curletto salons in Milan and Turin. Beauty and nonconformism become the main features of each hairstyle created by Franco Curletto, thanks to the skills, the hair diagnosis system, the cutting edge technologies and professional tools, patented by Franco Curletto, hair stylist and hair designer.

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