A perfect haircut? A customized one

If you are experiencing a period of change, probably you are willing to change your look as well: 9 times out of 10 people start from their hair. Are you willing to change your hairstyle but you don’t know what is the perfect haircut to bring out your face?

What is a perfect haircut?

Franco Curletto, worldwide popular hairstylist, has the answer to the question we asked in our introduction: a perfect haircut is a customized haircut. It is the only way to fulfil the needs and dreams of every client, after analysing his or her hair.

The mistake to avoid is following the latest trends. It is always better to rely on professional experts who give the right advice and assess the features of the person asking for beauty counseling.

A unique and customized haircut

The first source of inspiration for a haircut is the face of the person who decides to rely on Franco Curletto’s creativity.

Every haircut is different, however there are some “rules” of style to respect.

For example, if you have a triangular face, which means your lower features are stronger than the upper ones, you should choose a short, medium or layered haircut to balance proportions.

If you have a round face, the solution is a very short and layered haircut, to create volume from roots. Alternatively, you can opt for a wavy or curly styling with shoulder length hair with no “waves” at chin level.

For square faces, instead, it is better to focus on a haircut that creates waves and movement at the roots, like a long or layered haircut. You might choose a layered fringe to frame your face, softening its sharp shape.

Curvy women should avoid “blunt” and short bobs, which highlight their double chin. On the contrary, a longer and layered bob could make their face slimmer.

What if you have the opposite type of face? Women with oval faces are charmy with a bob, especially if it is wavy or curly, to soften the features of their face. Fringe is recommended, but only if it is long, to define the outline of the oval.

A harmonious face is always the target to aim for. To reach it, you should play with volumes and lines.

In Franco Cruletto’s salons in Milan and Turin every head is the result of an accurate diagnosis of the hair and style of the customer. Would you like to discover your perfect haircut? Reserve an appointment and come visit us!