Hair restructuring treatments after the summer

Now that we are approaching autumn, is your hair dull and brittle? It is perfectly normal: after the summer heat, sun, chlorine and salt, the hair fiber weakens and therefore needs a regenerating act. This is why it is essential to apply hair remedy treatments, if you want to make your hair shine again and give it a boost of energy.

Let’s begin with a good hair routine

There are remedies to revive the right shade to the hair. In addition to treating yourself to targeted hair remedies in one of the Franco Curletto salons, it is possible to apply natural oils  at your home that will revitalize the scalp. Apply the oil on damp hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then proceed with rinsing. If you want to stimulate hair growth, you can make a hair mask with hemp oil, which stimulates microcirculation and provides a good amount of essential fatty acids. First, however, it is better to scrub the scalp with a detox action, or apply a revitalizing serum.

Don’t neglect your diet: leave plenty of room for seasonal fruits and vegetables to stock up on vitamins, which help strengthen the hair fiber. It is recommended to limit the use of hair straighteners and to apply a protective spray first to counteract oxidative stress. Furthermore, before proceeding with hair styling, a heat protector must be applied. Finally, for a good hair routine, after shampooing you should apply, once or twice a week , a rich and nourishing hair mask and, after the prescribed time, thoroughly rinse preferably using cold water.

Hair pigments in the salon

Hair pigments are direct dyes, free of ammonia, which are activated by protective agents; the pigments redefine the hair color and leave the hair shiny, hydrated and soft. Precisely for these reasons they are perfect for those who want to change their hair look without resorting to chemicals, but playing with colors, from more decisive to more “sober” shades.

The most eccentric colors remain fuchsia, blue, purple and green. However, each head is different and only by relying on expert professionals, such as the hair-stylists in Franco Curletto salon, you can make the best choice for your hair type.

Hair pigments should be applied on damp hair, towel-dried and kept on for at least 20 minutes (for a longer time if you want to increase color intensity).

Visit a Franco Curletto salon and request more information to give your hair a new lease of life.