Trendy hair for summer 2020

Finally the doors of the Franco Curletto salons have reopened: goodbye to split ends, regrowth, dry or damaged hair. After months of lockdown, we’re back in the world of hairstyling with lots of news about hair trends for summer 2020.

What are the trendy haircuts for summer 2020?

The hair trend for summer 2020 leaves room for all lengths: from medium bon ton and long bob cuts to short and practical garçone-style or long hair for a wonderful gipsy effect.

Let’s start with long hair: for the summer of 2020, we prefer the scaled cuts, perhaps with a blurred or frisé effect, if we want to give more volume and geometry to the hair. For a refined and elegant style, the wet effect is the most appreciated. If you want a more casual chic hair look, then you have to aim for a gathered or semi gathered hair in a messy bun with free locks. And for a more refined and sophisticated look? Definitely leave your hair loose, but carefully combed.

But it’s the jaunty, fresh and glamorous short to medium cuts that will dominate in summer 2020: a clean bob with short fringe, as worn by Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó (known for her role of Tokyo in the famous TV series La Casa de Papel); wob, very short bob or a long bob with fringe (another must have in summer 2020!). And for those who prefer a more natural look, the hair stylists at Franco Curletto’s Salon recommend a messy (“disheveled”) look to lighten the length. In this case, simply shape the locks with one of our products to achieve the desired effect.

Hairstyles 2020: braids and pigtails style of the ’90s return

As hairstyles in 2020 the 90s styles of braids and pigtails will back on the scene. For those with short hair it is advisable to braid and style only a few locks; if the hair is thick it should be gathered in a low chignon or in a tail that falls gently on the shoulders. If the hair is longer, on the other hand, it is better to let the braids get lost in the hair creating a “gypsy” effect (to be enhanced with accessories if necessary).

Hair colouring for 2020

Brown in all of its shades is the colour for summer 2020. Then, in the “top five” of the 2020 hair colours, red, copper red, broux (between dark brown and red), buzz (a red with golden highlights) and finally platinum for those who love blond hair. There are also shades of pink: from gold to quartz, passing through fuchsia.