Men’s haircuts for 2020

At the opening of the Beauty Salons, even the male gender decided to take care of their hair style. But what are the latest trends for this year? The men’s cuts in 2020 leave room for longer lengths than in previous seasons. Natural hair is particularly appreciated, without any kind of product that models it. In short, it is the “natural” effect that the man of 2020 wants to rediscover. Shaved on the sides (but not too much) with an elegant topknot like the David Bechkam one, shaved on the sides but long on the central part like the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo or medium long with a side stripe like the Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio, long hair is the protagonist of the 2020 men’s hair style scene.

Men’s hair colour: natural or eccentric?

And it is not only the length that is the protagonist of the new hair look, but also the wide range of shades to choose from. What is the hair colour for the man of 2020? Some men are looking for more colourful tones (blue, green, red or yellow), while others prefer the more natural classics: out of the way! Much depends, however, on your style and how much you are daring. The important thing is not to resort to DIY dyes; it is better to turn to specialists of the field who, thanks to their know-how, after a careful examination of your hair and according to the shape of your face, can recommend a particular cut to be enhanced with a particular colour. In short, free space to colours but never forget that they are not suitable for all cuts and all heads!

Most popular beard style

What about the beard? What’s the most popular beard style? It would seem that we are gradually abandoning the hipster mood in favor of a more neat and tidy style with a slightly shortened beard (sometimes turned into a mustache).

So there is a tendency to embrace a more classic style with a beard outlined, which takes into account the shape of the face and the haircut, so as to make the man more “stylish”. So, it’s time to say goodbye to long beards and choose a bespoke treatment like the one proposed in the salons of the internationally renowned hair stylist Franco Curletto. Here, in fact, the beard cut is a real beauty ritual with a regenerating and relaxing effect. Yes, because beard styling should not be underestimated at all. Before each cut, the skin must be moisturized and the hair growth stimulated so that it is even. To provide a total wellness experience, our hair stylists use essential oils and Serra & Fonseca products with an antioxidant action. In the end, the client lives a multi-sensory experience, both tactile and olfactory.