Post-quarantine beauty treatments

These have been difficult months and times are not bright yet, but at least now activities have restarted and the economy seems to be taking off again. The Beauty Salons have also opened their doors wide and offer beauty treatments to take care of yourself all over again after the lockdown.

Traditional beauty treatments: how to take care of the beauty of your body

The quarantine has caused a radical change in our lifestyles with limitations to our physical activity… so much so that the body now needs a new shake to wake up from the long torpor. In the Saloni di Franco Curletto everyone will be able to relax and feel better with traditional beauty treatments:

  • Corrective body massages for muscle rebalancing;
  • Shape Algoaroma to sculpt the silhouette;
  • Active Oxygen Sculptor treatment to act in depth on pads and orange peels;
  • Fangage Dead Sea for skin renewal and against cellulite blemishes;
  • Draining and reducing chrono to deflate the legs and lighten the silhouette;
  • Arosha Bendage, paraben-free and rich in nutrients, to reduce the extra inches;
  • Make up to enhance facial features;
  • Diode laser hair removal to permanently remove hair;
  • Manicure and pedicure to return to shine in the spotlight in perfect order.

Bioenergetic beauty treatments for psychophysical well-being

In order to promote psychophysical wellbeing by getting rid of negative energies and rebalancing body and mind, in our Salons we offer bioenergetic cosmetic treatments, aimed at treating the individual in his or her integrity and acting on his or her energetic and emotional dimension.

One of the treatments proposed is Vietnamese acupressure (dien chan), which helps to relax the nervous system and rebalance the body with a relaxing, decontracting, detoxifying and anti-stress action. In this way the organic function is regularized.

For those who, instead, need a natural anti-aging intervention, the “hot stone” treatment is the most suitable: the heat of the stones revitalizes the skin by stimulating the skin microcirculation.

There are also two “macrocategories” of massages to suit your needs:

  • Cocoon Massages: from the stopover in Provence, which renders the skin softer, to the anti-stress Polynesian massage, which helps to loosen physical and psychological knots; from the bamboo massage with energizing and decontracting effect to the queen massage to reactivate the chakras of your emotional and interpersonal sphere and many others;
  • Ayurvedic messages: Ayurvedic plantar reflexology, which helps relieve psycho-physical stress; sound massage with Tibetan bells for mental well-being; the holistic Reiki technique that relieves the symptoms of insomnia, strengthens the immune system and fortifies body and mind.

What does your body need?