Pre-summer hair detox treatments

When we talk about detox we immediately think of skin scrub products or remedies that aim to purify the body with healthy foods. It is therefore overlooked that your hair also needs detox treatments.  Just think of smog, polluting powders or the myriad of wrong products we use that make our hair dull, opaque and dirty. To remove residues, which cause itching, redness and greasiness, it is therefore necessary to use hair detox: a process that purifies the scalp, which will immediately restore lustre and shine to the hair.

How to do hair peeling

With the humidity of summer, sea salt and UV rays, the hair could be heavy, dirty and damaged. It will therefore be necessary to intervene promptly with a hair peeling, an exfoliating and regenerating treatment to remove dead scalp cells. If your hair is oily, it is advisable to do this at least once a week, on normal or dry hair once a month will suffice.

Exfoliation is essential to prepare the hair for the products that will be applied later in the hair detox process. Simply apply masks and scrubs to wet hair, massage them with your fingertips (or a soft brush) in circular motions to reactivate the microcirculation and stimulate tissue oxygenation. Leave the product on for about 10-15 minutes and then remove it by rinsing the scalp under running water.

At this point we move on to phase 2: cleansing with a specific shampoo that purifies and hydrates without altering the natural balance of skin and hair. For this purpose, it is better to use products based on:

  • mint and menthol, for a refreshing effect;
  • eucalyptus or clay, to purify;
  • vegetable carbon, for deep cleansing;
  • rosemary, to soothe.

Restructuring treatments to get full bodied and healthy hair back

The last step of hair detox are the restructuring hair treatments, i.e. the application of masks or conditioners that return softness, shine and volume to the hair. This last step is the most important, as it will protect the scalp from external aggressions preventing the accumulation of toxins on the fibers.

After carefully cleansing the hair, apply the restructuring product, leave it on for a few moments (the longer you apply it, the more benefits you will get) and rinse with a specific and delicate shampoo. Dry your hair and you’re done!

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