The hair styling tools that really make the difference

World-famous hair stylist Franco Curletto makes use of the best innovations and professional tools to achieve the hair styling excellence.

As he’s a detailed-oriented hair designer, he pays many attention to every phase of the styling process: washing, colouring and drying.

That’s why he finally patented some hair styling tools to get the desired effect: a play of lines, volumes and colours and the maximum results with minimum effort.

  • The comblade, a patent which combines a comb and a blade in a single tool. It’s ergonomic, functional and versatile, perfect for curly or wavy haircuts; (available from upgrade).
  • The color up patent, useful to find the exact hair color. The software, starting from the combination of the skin and eyes colours, can actually diagnose the exact hair shades and the products which best respond to their specific needs and treatments.
  • The Turn & twist patent, made in wood, is equipped with three teeth and is actually the most effective tool to give more volume to the hair and elastic and defined curls;
  • The finger shape patent consists in a thimble used to separate the strands of hair and apply the color even to the less accessible points. This is a true finger extension.
  • The moving up patent consists in cotton gloves used to dry the hair rather than using a hair dryer. In this way the hair dries faster and without suffering any thermic shock. The massage applied also stimulates the scalp oxygenation.

The real hairdressing innovation

All the hair styling tools patented by Franco Curletto are designed to make the hair stylists’ work easier, optimizing time and improving the quality of the treatments offered to customers.

In Curletto’ s beauty salons in Milan and Turin, technology is in the service of beauty .

Curletto is an innovator, a hair designer and hair stylist and has been able to provide his collaborators with innovative tools to achieve the hair styling excellence in just a few steps.

The principles of “maximum results with minimum effort” is respected also thanks to the use of techniques able to enhance the hair: from the special gloss for a brighter effect, to Natural Straight for a silky hair.

Each haircut or hairstyle is the result of attention to detail and in-depth study, accuracy and creativity, experience and passion.

All the professional tools patented by Franco Curletto are the best result of research and experimentation, able to shape the material your way!