Bioenergetic aesthetics treatments

Juvenal said: “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Various disciplines traditionally recognize a link between body and mind. Just featuring this concept the Bioenergetic aesthetics has been developed in Franco Curletto Salon in Corso Ferrucci 34, in Turin: something aimed to fully rebalance us, by adjusting both the emotional and energetic dimensions. All negative energies are removed through specific treatments, thus promoting serenity and perfect synergy of body and mind.

Which are the Bioenergetic aesthetics treatments?

Our customers will get a perfect mental and physical balance helped by the Bioenergetic aesthetics treatments offered by hair stylist Franco Curletto’ s Salon in Corso Ferrucci 34, in Turin.

The Vietnamese acupressure technique (Dien Chan) helps to relax the nervous system, promoting the regulation of organic functions and has an anti-stress, detoxifying, rebalancing action.

It is actually a reflexology technique based on massage and pressure on certain points of the body. The stimulation of such areas allows life energies to freely flow, thus to give a great state of well-being.

For those looking for a relaxing treatment instead, the hot stone is the perfect choice. The use of hot stones has a revitalizing and firming effect on the issues and stimulates skin microcirculation.

Physical and mental tensions are relieved through this technique, helping to achieve a natural psycho-physical well-being.

The best relaxing body massage

The accumulation of psychic tensions affects the body, over time.

Nothing that cannot be sorted with a good relaxing body massage.

In Franco Curletto Salons, you’re spoiled of choice:

  • Queen massage: an Indo-Chinese massage that activates chakras (energy channels) of interpersonal and emotional sphere.
  • Scalo in Provenza: a body and face treatment to make skin more compact and soft through the use of lavender essential oil;
  • Hot stone: a massage to give a relaxing, tonic and anti-aging effect;
  • Polynesian massage: performed with the aid of little sandbags and used to untangle emotional knots;
  • Ayurvedic Pindasweda: a relaxing treatment made through hot bags containing a particular mixture on rice, salt, herbs and barleys basis;
  • Meraviglia artica: a play of hot-cold sensations for a long lasting relax:
  • Bamboo massage with a de-contracting and energizing effect performed with the aid of a bamboo cane and vegetable oils;
  • Gioiello atlantico: it is defined as the marine lithotherapy as it allows to re-balance the body from the inside, through the help of rocks, stones and minerals;
  • Indocina: a massage performed with oriental spices, such as cinnamon, patchouli, cardamom, coriander and vanilla;
  • Turkish savonage, made with Aleppo foam applied with a silk glove;
  • Rhassoul Marocco: made with the help of a scrub glove used to massage and apply the clay on the different body parts;


H2: Ayurvedic massages, precious allies of psychophysical well-being

Ayurvedic massages are real allies against the stress symptoms and help to re-balance the psychophysical well-being. Franco Curletto’ s customers are well aware of this and take care of their bodies entrusting to the expert hands of a Holistic Operator member of SIAF ITALIA.

From Ayurvedic plantar reflexology, excellent for all-age group, to Sound massage with Tibetan bells, to achieve psychophysical and emotional balance and mental well-being, or even Reiki, to alleviate the effects related to insomnia and strengthen the immune system: come and meet us at Franco Curletto’ s Salon in Corso Ferrucci 34, in Turin, and learn more about the Bioenergetic aesthetics treatments and massages.