How to become a successful “hairstylist”

Having the right knowhow is crucial to become a true hairstyling expert. Thanks to the training Franco Curletto, based on innovation, method and identity, anyone can aspire to become a successful “hairstylist”.

Ambition alone is not enough, even though it certainly “triggers” the process to get the tools and knowhow of this industry. The Factory, the training project Franco Curletto, aims at helping each participant learn the technical skills to reach his/her goals.

The hairstylist academy to promote Franco Curletto’s concept throughout the world

If you want to become a hairstylist,  you need to study a lot, you need  passion and willpower. A course is not enough to become a hairdresser. The Factory embodies all of this: it is a hairstylist academy with a single target: promoting the concept of Franco Curletto, worldwide popular hairstylist, in Italy and in the world.

The participants of The Factory will learn the most refined artistic and technical hairstyling techniques. The project is conceived for  those who share Franco Curletto’s beauty values and want to stand out in the market, following their master’s example.

Training Franco Curletto: the 3 principles of The Factory

The Factory is based on three principles: innovation, method and identity.

Innovation: in Franco Curletto’s salons, located in Milan and Turin, they use professional and exclusive tools, patented by this hairstylist. The use of such cutting-edge tools further improves the services and helps his salon become a top quality  salon.

Method, because The Factory aims at promoting Franco Curletto’s philosophy among his students. The training is entrusted to professional teachers who have put  their experience into true classes. The method is focused on the attention to beauty, care for details and quick and precise performances.

Eventually, identity. Everyone has his/her own identity, different from anyone else. The teachers’ classes at “The Factory” aim at inspiring the future professional identity of their students, highlighting their uniqueness. The project team is composed of one tutor every 5 students, in order to closely follow each participant and help them reach his/her desired professional development. In this way, everyone gets careful training classes and the tools to become a hairstylist of the calibre of Franco Curletto.

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