Famous Hair Stylists: when verve meets technical ability

Commitment, passion, professionalism and hard-working always pay for themselves, but if the intention is to be a reference point, an experienced hair stylist must be able to go beyond the traditional hairdressing, by proposing the right balance between verve and technical ability.

Just like Franco Curletto, one of the most famous international hair stylists, which puts his research in different fields, from art to cinema, from music to culture.

Intuition is at the heart of this matter, the ability to break away from the usual schemes and exploring the unexplored.

The ambition to test up to the achievement of the perfection, through a path of abstraction that looks into the contemporary woman’s needs and trends.

Fashion and hairstyle: two complementary sides of the same coin

Very impressive name are flanking Franco Curletto, such as: Aigner, Mario Dice, Byblos, Valentino, Elie Saab, Roberto Cavalli, Romeo Gigli, Fausto Puglisi, Blu Marine, Carlo Tivioli, Aigner, GFFerrè, Mila Schön, Trussardi and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Fashion and Hairstyle are complementary and this famous hairstylist’s experience confirms it: it actually ranges from lounges and catwalks, treading the boards and to then join a photo shoot in Paris, New York, Shangai and London.

A very long training, a passion born during his young age, and the ability to stand out breaking the molds, going beyond, drawing from new haircut art forms for the haircut concept and becoming one of the most innovative hair stylists.

Hair advice in Milan and Turin

The ultimate goal comes through the customer loyalty. And as Franco Curletto says: “The profession of hair stylist is still the heart of my job, and is completed through different complementary top level services. Our attention for the beauty and the multitude of services offered are the key to our success and to the customers loyalty“

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