Hairstyles for a New Year in style

The countdown has begun: there are only a few days left until the New Year arrives and then we make room for new shapes, textures and geometries. The Salone di Franco Curletto is ready to give life to unique hairstyles, the result of a careful study of the type of hair and of the ideal cut specifically designed for each client. Whether it is a hairstyle in which the protagonist is the short chobby bob or a scaled cut, going from the vertigo technique to the unstructured bases, without ever forgetting the tendency to bring back the style of the 70s or the fanatic hair for harvest lovers braided, the ways to be sparkling will not be missing!

Which hairstyles you can choose for the 2020 New Year

There are some hairstyles suitable for everyday life, others perfect for feeling like a star on special occasions. To show off a trendy look while coming out of the usual patterns at the same time, you need an internationally renowned hair stylist such as Franco Curletto.

There is plenty of room for the most suitable hairstyles to celebrate the New Year’s Day with elegance: from hairstyles for scaled hair to semi-braided, from the harvest braided to the choppy bob hairstyle, which is confirmed as one of the most fashionable hairstyles for this New Year.

We also mention the return of a 70s style, passed into history as “the era of revolution”, in which the freedom to live, act and think in all its forms was celebrated, which has found clear expression in the world of art, communication , music, fashion and… hairstyle! Long, voluminous, wavy, straight or curly hair, perhaps embellished with bands and scarves. These are the years of the “democratization of the blonde” and of vaporous hairstyles.

The Salone di Franco Curletto opens the door to those who do not want to give up the history of hairstyle, to those who want to start the 2020 with charm or simply want to enhance their features with a noteworthy haircut. The intriguing play of lines and volumes is sublimated, leaving the harmony of the face to triumph over everything. Therefore, Franco Curletto’s hair stylists are paying close attention to every detail of the face, which must be the first form of inspiration to make an ad hoc cut.

At Franco Curletto there is no catalogue to browse through, every haircut is made by analysing the individual case: length and condition of the hair, the shape of the face, for a result that is always in line with the customer’s needs. A refinement effect achieved with commitment and maximum professionalism by those who work together, combining creativity, innovative techniques and an analytical spirit to guarantee unique and unrepeatable hair. The secret formula for success? Devotion, the passion with which one works day after day to satisfy every little desire of the feminine and masculine universe. Yes, because to let yourself be pampered are not just women … Book now!